Why have values in life and your business?

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Katie Bell

We’ve all seen ads that seem so fake, forced and unbelievable that we roll our eyes in disdain. Read on and you will remember a shining example! If like me you are constantly bombarded with junk mail and random phone calls selling unwanted services with an overbearing attitude, these are the opposite to what I class as ‘Authentic Marketing’.

Why Authentic Marketing?
I see authentic marketing as being honest, transparent and upfront with your clients. Promising the earth and then short changing them is not doing yourself, your business and especially your clients business any favours. One of the best ways to build your business up is to start as you mean to go on.

Set the Foundations
When setting the foundations of your business one of the key elements to remember is setting yourself values. What means the most to you in your personal life and in business. You want your values and personality to shine through your brand identity. Powerful missions and messages are created through your brand values. This is the backbone of your business.

By showing consistency in the way you conduct yourself and the way you weave your values throughout your brand identity your clients will build up a sense of trust and commitment and you will attract your ideal clients. So make sure you practice what you preach. The easiest way to get your values across is to have a strong and honest brand identity.

Recommendations from fulfilled clients is one of the best ways to build a successful business.

Controversial Advertising
Can you remember the Protein World advert in 2015 ‘Are you Beach Body Ready?’ Who would forget? A perfect example of misleading the consumer that if you use their slimming weight loss products you will be as skinny as the model in the campaign. The advertisement hit all adshels, billboards, magazines and tube stations and substiquently in all media for its controversial message. Dove hit back with it’s response using their ‘Real Beauty Campaign’ mimicking the Protein World campaign but using authentic marketing methods therefore making the consumer feel more valued. This just proves being honest and upfront with your client is always best.

Lead by example
Ever since I first started out as a sole trader in 2009 I have always set out to give good value and service to all of my clients and follow through on any questions they may have with promoting and designing their brand identity. Working with corporate clients or individuals I always treated people in the same way, how I would like to be treated myself, this isn’t just business this is personal too! By getting to know your clients and their business well, you can make sure their values and messages are portrayed throughout their business brand identity.

So lead from the front and be that next start-up business success.


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