Hello, I’m Katie, a creative graphic designer and brand consultant with over 18 years of extensive knowledge and experience - bringing a company's personality to life through visualisation.

I specialise in creating forward-thinking brand identities that will resonate now and in the future, using modern digital and social media platforms through to conventional media.



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Bright pink flamingo amongst group of white geese and swans with text "Be a flamingo amongst the flock!"

I’m passionate about educating businesses and individuals alike on why branding is so important. I work with a variety of public and private sector businesses engaged in B2B and B2C channels. These involve corporate organisations through to independent SMEs across a broad range of sectors including leisure and hospitality, education providers, sport and healthcare providers, waste and facilities management.



Tortoise on a skateboard with text "running before you can walk?

Are you running before you can walk?

When we launch a new business idea it’s hard not to get over excited about the end product, but have you given enough thought around how you get there before getting caught up in all...
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Top 10 branding hints and tips

TOP TEN BRANDING TIPS: Take action and take control of your brand

Your brand goes far beyond just creating a face for your company, it’s has to be authentic and about you and your values. It’s the connection between you and your target audience. It’s all about...
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black and white drawing of lady in black dress with text "Take it, own it, wear it

Are you a Personal or Business brand or both

Are you a Personal or Business brand or both In all the FREE brand audits I have conducted recently, I have noticed one key question keeps popping up Should I be marketing myself as a personal...
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