Five steps to designing your logo and what it does for you

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Katie Bell

If you have just recently read my article why do you need a Logo then this is a great follow on article to expand on what you should portray in your logo.

You’ve got your business idea, set your foundations for the business, thought of a great business name and managed to purchase the domain. Now, you have decided you want to make the leap and invest in a brand mentor and graphic designer to develop your ideas and get serious about your business!

1. Your logo and brand identity needs to explain what you do

The right logo and brand identity has the power to attract, engage and persuade people to do business with you. Your professional logo and brand identity tells the client they have come to the right place to find what they are looking for. It gives them a sense of reassurance and understanding and instantly explains what you do, before they take the next important step and contact you.

2. Your logo needs to reflect your personality

What do you find most inspirational about your business idea and personality? You could use hundreds of words to describe your business but a strong, powerful logo will represent you at a glance, as the saying goes A picture paints a thousand words and so a logo and brand identity will do the same. If your business is creative and funky, then bright visual, with a bit of quirkiness may suit your style. If your business is more corporate or serious in nature then a more modern, straightforward style, with a toned down colour palette may be the simple answer.

3. Your logo represents your name and strapline

Keep it simple. It may sound obvious but it is essential your business name is clear to read in your logo. Don’t let it be overshadowed by too much design, swirls and colours, otherwise, it will lose it’s identity. If it’s not clean and easy to follow, you will not attract your ideal client and you will become forgettable.

4. Who is your target audience for your business?

Is your logo and strapline authentic to you? You don’t want to lose large percentages of your target audience by giving out the wrong image or false messages. Keep your logo simple, open and honest. Let the brand identity you create tell the story. Thus enabling you to attract a larger percentage of clients and potential sales. You want to stand out but not alienate.

5. Are you promising a level of quality to your clients?

By investing in a strong powerful logo and brand identity, it tells your clients that you mean business and have self belief and are confident in what you offer. You can be trusted and passionate as much about their business as you are your own. This gives you the value for money and quality factor over your competitors. A happy client means new business and endless referrals. You only get one chance to make a first impression, it will make or break your business success.


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