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Katie Bell

I have been helping entrepreneurs create branding that gets them noticed by clients for 10 years. I have seen 100’s struggle to stand out from the crowd because their branding is not attracting their ideal client.

I have had enough of watching businesses have quick fixes with no success. They stay bland and boring and this doesn’t give them credibility or clients.

I would like to help put this right by offering you the opportunity for a free 30 minute Brand Audit.

During the Brand Audit you will get:

  • Client attraction review
  • Logo review
  • Colour review
  • Website review

Walk away with actionable ideas to change your business forever and get more clients, fast. Limited spaces available.

Contact me if you are struggling to attract your ideal clients and don’t mind hearing an open and honest review. This could dramatically change your business and you too could have a brand that stands out from the herd.

If you would like one of these FREE Brand Audits, contact me today and we can arrange a time for us to Skype or Zoom Call.


“People buy people and it’s your personal brand that’s tells them what they get when they buy you.”
Jennifer Holloway


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