Align your brand identity with your passion and purpose…


Katie Bell

Does your brand style reflect you? Are you passionate about what you do day in day out?

Whether you are a personal brand or business brand, the message you give out with your brand identity needs to be aligned with your passion and purpose. You need to bring out your personality, mission and values to build trust and a strong working relationship to attract your ideal clients.

Your brand identity is about telling a story. There is nothing worse than having a brand with mixed messages, images, wording, colours, fonts, and typography (the list can go on, and on, and on). It muddles your message that you put out in the world, and confuses your buyer.

At times it can be quite tough, you need to think strategically  Do you have a brand strategy? What is your business goal and how do you want to be perceived by your ideal clients? These can be very tough questions, you need to dig deep and fully understand what you will stand for and what makes you different from everyone else in the competition! By spending time in the beginning, building your business foundations, working with a brand specialist to help you achieve you brand objective, it WILL save a lot of confusion, time and money. Get it right from the start.

As a strong brand identity overcomes many of these common problems, if you are consistent with your brand identity and the assets provided, you will also be able to design new images and documents with ease as your business grows, knowing that everything you create enhances your great reputation.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Branding runs through your entire business, from what you wear, to how the phone is answered, to your stationery and your tone of voice and how it is reflected in social media you brand is YOU!

So, what sums up a strong brand

  • Logo and colour palette used throughout to give brand consistency
  • Call to action messages throughout your branding give it purpose
  • Contact details
  • Easy to follow, images or illustrations breaking up the content, visually pleasing for the eye
  • Overall, keep it clean and simple

Essentially, you need your brand identity to be authentic and resonate with your ideal clients. It will set you apart from your competition, show your true personality and it WILL make you stand out from the herd!! People buy people. If they feel they can trust you and what your product or service provide, your client base will only grow! By being true to your clients you are being true to yourself. This making you authentic! I strongly believe in these statements as this is what I have built my business on and have many returning clients.


John Doe

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