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Brand Mentoring | Katie Bell | The Brand Identity Queen


You are excited about your business and your idea, but you may fail if you have a weak brand. This is the mistake I see so many coaches and creative make.

You must have a powerful brand strategy.

You must be clear on your message and your focus…

if you don’t have a strong brand, your competitors WILL steal your potential clients.

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Branding Strategy | The Brand Identity Queen | Katie Bell


As well as mentoring you can also have the design work created for you. I see a business go through two stages.

One is where they Dominate their niche and become the go to business, because they stand out. The other is where they progress to a business that leaves a Legacy.

This is why my two main packages are called Dominate and Legacy. Depending where you are in your business journey one of these design packages will suit you and your plans.

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Live Branding Workshops | The Brand Identity Queen | Katie Bell


As a busy coach or creative sometimes you just want to know, and you want to know this minute.

Due to corporate commitments there are currently no public live workshops scheduled.

If your business is interested in corporate branding workshop please get in touch.


Just had an amazing LIVE design session with Katie Bell Brand Identity Queen. So interactive and creative and we saved so much time as opposed to the traditional back and forth email approach. She initially sent me some logo designs and then we were able LIVE to hone in on one and develop it further, without going off at tangents! So happy with the results. Can’t say how much I’d recommend this lady.


What a God Send. Thanks Katie, love you!!!

Valerie Campbell, Law of Attraction Coach, The Secret Vibe

Working with Katie on my branding was professional and fun. Katie, like none I worked with on logos (and I had 3 of them beforehand) did very deep investigation. Finding out about my mission, my audience, my purpose in coaching as well as future plans. She came up with an outstanding branding that when I showed to everyone their reaction was “It is so you”.


What more do you want from your own branding! Delivered on time and in a professional yet very relaxed manner.

Maja Chudzik, Wellness Expert

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