Are you struggling to get your business up and running? Are you getting frustrated because you are not getting the results you expected? Could the reason be you do not have a strong enough brand that is authentic to you and attracts your ideal client? How much time and money have you wasted on cheap online branding solutions that promise the earth but have never delivered? Starting a business isn’t easy… Now is the time to take a step back and refocus on who your ideal client is and what your core values are?

It goes far beyond just creating a face for your company, it has to be authentic and reflect your personality. It’s the connection between you and your ideal clients. It’s all about giving you the confidence and being proud of what you have created.

I am here to help you attract your ideal clients by creating a brand that is aligned with you by:

1) Delving in to your current market positioning so we can see how to take your brand to the next level

2) Weaving in your personality and brand values so your ideal clients instantly understand you and your business

3) Streamline your product offerings so they are all perfectly aligned with your brand

4) Showing you how to have a consistent brand so your clients will know, like and trust you

5) Creating an online and offline presence that you are super proud to be the face of

And this is why, as a coach – you need my mentoring package.

My 3-month brand mentoring programme will give you the tools to create your strong and powerful brand – your confidence will rise and your profits will soar. You will want to go out and make a difference in the world.

Katie Bell | The Brand Identity Queen | Brand Mentoring
You Are Your Brand | Mentoring | Katie Bell | The Brand Identity Queen


YouÂgo from a business idea to creating a brand that is authentic to YOU.

We go on a brand journey together, a step-by-step process with actionable ideas to make sure you understand your target market. If you think it’s just about a logo you are missing the point, it’s about creating a total brand experience for your clients.

What’s included…

  • 1:1 mentoring for 3 months over 7 sessions
  • 1 hour fortnightly Zoom calls (with recording)
  • Email support
  • Worksheets and branding documents
  • Weekly actions to build your brand and create strong foundations
  • Idea’s for your colour palette and type
  • Improve you online visibility presence
  • Feedback and analysis

This mentoring will give you the understanding to help you develop your brand yourself OR brief a Graphic Designer with confidence and stop you from making the same mistakes again.

Please note: Logo design & other branding is not included in this package, but you will have the direction to design your brand ideas yourself, have powerful branding guidelines for outsourcing your brand creation, or discounted rate if you choose to have Katie and her team create a finished brand.

Price: £600 (Or 3 easy monthly instalments of £250)


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1. Positioning…
Brand positioning is the magic key to having a successful business. If you haven’t crafted your position, your clients will do it for you. Where do you want your product or service to sit in the market? Who do you want to attract: ‘the elite’, the ‘middle market’ or ‘the masses’? It’s time to up your game!

2. Personality…
For you to have a lasting business and strong brand, it must be authentic to you. It is YOUR personality that will be the defining factor! You need to own your distinctive style that reflects your own unique business.

3.Your Brand Journey…
Don’t be afraid to develop and craft your brand as your business grows. Your brand image isn’t just a logo in the corner of your advert! It’s about purposely creating a brand journey – one which adds depth and personality. It’s about creating the total brand experience.

4. Mission and Values…
Do you have a mission statement for your business? What do you want to be known for? Have you listed your personal and business values? Discover how to weave these elements in to your branding.

Are you being consistent online and offline with your brand image? It’s about building working relationships, gaining trust and giving value. Not just a quick sales tactic. Grow you empire online and offline by being authentic.

Stand Out From The Crowd | The Brand Identity Queen | Katie Bell

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