I am known as The Brand Identity Queen and I specialise in creating powerful brand identities for successful businesses. I work with those who are specifically looking to rebrand and position themselves in their target market as the number one go-to in their niche.

The rebranding of a recent business has led my client to go on to win awards, solely down to positioning themselves in the market through brand identity.This has also led for their business to double in revenue in just 3 months.

I see 3 dominant client problems:-

1) Keeping their branding in-house (using Word/PowerPoint!)
2) Spending days designing and not bringing in clients.
3) Wishy-washy design leading to no brand consistency.

I have created specific brand identity packages to overcome these problems. Whether you are looking to start the journey to stand out from the crowd, or are looking for a complete rebrand to attract clients faster and easier to your business, I will create and build you a strong powerful brand with consistency.  A brand that that is aligned with your values and your offering.

As I mention, the reason why my client has won the awards and is a massive success is because her brand identity is so strong that she is easily recognisable, referable and gains immediate trust in her business.

Katie Bell | The Brand Identity Queen
About Katie Bell | The Brand Identity Queen


I only work with 15 clients a year. I mentor and create a brand that you feel so proud of, that you love marketing your business, because it attracts clients easily.

  • Brand design and development
  • 1:1 Brand mentoring
  • Group workshop brand development days
  • Product, label and packaging design
  • Website design (look and feel)
  • Book and document design
  • Infographic design
  • Advertising artwork for web and print application
  • Event promotion artwork
  • Signage small to large format
  • Online and email promotion artwork
  • Image processing and re-touching
  • Clothing and vehicle artwork design
  • Trade stand design

My mission is to help creative businesses align their brand identity with their values and passions. I want to enable them to have a unique brand identity, which attracts their ideal clients, that their products and services deserve. My clients come to me feeling disheartened and drained… and leave me feeling excited about the future of their business!



Are you struggling to attract the right customers to your business?

Is your business sending out mixed messages?

Do you know what your branding is and what it says to people?

My eBook ‘14 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Growing’ is for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is the first step to understanding branding; what it is, how it works, and how to make it work for your business.

Read and implement all the ideas in this eBook and you will have greater confidence in your business, have more of the right customers knocking on your door, and be able to grow your business with more ease than before.

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14 Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Growing | Katie Bell

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